We had a bit of a rough time for UFO interception this month. A continued stall on the new interceptor research (due to shortage of alien weapon fragments) meant we were still struggling to shoot down UFOs. One of them even took out the Satellite over the US, ultimately leading to them pulling out of the MaX-COM project. The council remains very down on our performance despite excellence in all other areas.

March Report

That said, we did finally research new interceptor technology midway through the month. Several new interceptors are being manufactured and should be ready in early September.

After extensive testing of almost the entire squad, we finally found our first psionic soldier in Jethro _. We suspect that his abilities will be key to the fight ahead of us.

Our program of gene modifcation has been kicked into a higher gear now that we have slightly more resources to spare. Alex Spencer and Rob Beasley received some gene modifcations this month, and if time and resources can be spared we will continue augmenting our squad going forward. Dr. Shen has complained about having to remove the sleeves from all the suits of Titan Armour he just finished manufacturing, but that’s a small price to pay for our increased effectiveness.

Mission and Personnel Report

Our squad is really hitting hyper elite levels now. Despite some increased resistance from new alien species like Heavy Floaters, we’ve continued to dominate on the battlefield. Exalt in particular have proved pushovers.

March Report

Mission Location Squad
Operation Secret Rain UFO Crash Site, Brazil Sam Staton, Matt Rogers, Rob Beasley, Matt Smith, Robert Goss, Shivey McShivface
Operation Defiant Summer Covert Data Recovery, China Jethro _, Matt Rogers, Rob Beasley, Matt Smith, Robert Goss, Shivey McShivface
Operation Blind Apollo Covert Extraction, Egypt Alex Spencer, Matt Smith, Matt Rogers, Sam Staton, Rob Beasley, Shivey McShivface
Operation Bloody Calm Port Elizabeth, South Africa Alex Spencer, Matt Smith, Matt Rogers, Sam Staton, Robert Goss, Shivey McShivface

Note: We performed 2 other operations this month, but records were lost. We suspect this was due to alien infiltration, and definitely not the commander forgetting to update his spreadsheet.

Science Divison Report

Chief Scientist:

Dr Vahlen

Facilities Staff

50 Scientists

Field Equipment

  • Ghost Armour – Complete
  • Skeleton Suit – Complete
  • Archangel Suit – Complete This month has seen the team explore options for specialist suits of combat armour. We have successfully fabricated a demo suits capable of sustain flight, one that makes the wearer near-invisible and a suit with an inbuilt climbing grapple.

  • Heavy Floater Interrogation & Autopsy

Similar in overall appearance to the Floater specimen we’ve previously encountered, this captive has been enhanced further with an ever more complex network of cybernetic implants. There is also a significant reduction in exposed living tissue, including the cranial region, which slowed the progression of our interrogation process. Despite these initial setbacks, we were able to gauge the captive’s response to various stimuli, while also conducting a battery of tests on the propulsion systems integrated into its body. Having observed a number of subtle improvements in this specimen’s augmented frame, we should be able to enhance the flight characteristics and propulsion systems of our aircraft.

  • Advanced Fighter Craft – Complete After an exhaustive reverse-engineering effort by the research team, we now believe it should be possible to mirror the functionality exhibited by the alien’s advanced flight and navigational computers. These systems provide the pilot with a depth of information well-beyond our current avionics package, and will certainly bring us closer to matching the alien ships in combat. Perhaps more importantly, we’ve successfully integrated our first prototype of the “gravity wave” drive we modeled after the alien propulsion systems. With this mechanism in place, we can expect at minimum a twofold increase in the Firestorm’s maximum thrust output when compared to our traditional pulse-engine equipped Interceptors.

Personal Note

Due to the limited availability of materials recovered from the field, this month has seen some difficulties with research. There was even a point briefly where the team had areas that we were keen to research but insufficient experimental materials. While most of the staff managed to fill the time productively writing up research papers others simply took the opportunity to catch up on some much-needed sleep. The work experience boy even asked for official time off, which was of course denied as per MaX-COM secrecy procedure but perhaps it is time to begin thinking about the future of the research team. We are however extremely proud of the proof of concept fight craft that we did manage to manufacture. The gravity wave drive has the potential to truly revolutionise international travel in the years to come.

Upcoming Month Goals

Finish rollout of new interceptors. Take down overseer UFOs.