In comparison to last month, July was relatively quiet. Panic levels have started to creep back up across the world, and sadly Australia have withdrawn from the MaX-COM project. We completed the Hyperwave Beacon, and after scanning for a while have located an unusual fast UFO. This is our next target, but our current generation interceptors don’t seem to be up to the task of taking it down. As such, we’re attempting to develop a new model but a shortage of alien weapon fragments is currently halting our progress. We’re continuing to narrow down the location of Exalt’s base too.

March Report (OOC Note - I think the council are super pissed because of the two UFO escapes, but those were both the special fast UFO I can’t catch yet.)

Aside from that, we’ve continued to develop our facilities and technology at a consistent pace. Plasma grade weaponry is now standard issue for our troops, and suits of Titan Armour are being rolled out to replace the old Carapace Armour. Robert Goss’s mech suit and weaponry have also been further upgraded, making him even more terrifying than before. Shivey McShivface remains a useful and popular asset, and has had some upgrades implemented too. We also completed the Ammo Conservation and Alien Grenades Foundry projects to improve our general squad capabilities.

We finished construction of the new Psionics lab this month. Despite several rounds of testing, we have yet to identify any soliders with psychic abilities. Sam Staton and Jethro _ are currently in the tanks for testing as our latest prospects.

Mission and Personnel Report

A little bit of a slower month for comabt deployments, but our soldiers have continued to develop. At the start of the month we were really pressed for squad members due to a high rate of injuries in last month’s alien base assault combined with psionic testing efforts. However, we’ve now stabilised again and have no problem fielding full squads for missions

March Report

Sam Staton was the first of our Soliders to reach Colonel, the highest combat rank, making him official squad leader for all time. Alex Spencer and Matt Smith were hot on his heels however. Aside from that, not a ton to report this month.

Mission Location Squad
Operation Broken Thunder Covert Extraction, China Robert Goss, Matt Smith, Michael Wilson, Shivey McShivface
Operation Bloody Grave Cairo, Egypt Matt Smith, Robert Goss, Sam Staton
Operation Glass Star UFO Landing Site, Brazil Matt Smith, Alex Spencer, Robert Goss, Sam Staton, Shivey McShivface
Operation Vengeful Serpent Paris, France Sam Staton, Alex Spencer, Rob Beasley, Jethro _, Robert Goss, Shivey McShivface
Operation Shattered Stranger Cairo, Egypt Matt Smith, Alex Spencer, Rob Beasley, Jethro _, Robert Goss, Shivey McShivface

Science Divison Report

Chief Scientist

Dr Vahlen

Facilities Staff

40 Scientists

Field Equipment

  • Plasma Sniper – Complete
  • Heavy Plasma – Complete
  • Plasma Cannon – Complete
  • Alloy Cannon – Complete
  • Titan Armour – Complete This month has seen another impressive leap forward in our offensive and defensive capabilities. Other than a few specialist projects we are now reaching the limits of equipment that can be developed for our field operatives.

Other projects:

  • Alien Nav Computer – Complete We’ve had the opportunity to study these devices in a limited fashion. As we’ve discovered, they do contain some form of encrypted alien data. However, they’re also completely reliant on an internal power supply, which, when depleted, renders the device inaccessible. The only means we’ve found to gather information from this equipment is by routing its internal power supply through a crudely assembled interface that bypasses any built-in shutdown sequences. However, the alien data itself provided an even greater obstacle, as we’re dealing with a programming language that is unlike anything found in our own systems. Fortunately, the research team is quite capable and we quickly assembled a small group of our best analysts for the task. We’ve already begun to establish patterns in the alien encryption algorithm, revealing small bits of information that can be integrated into our research.

  • Elerium – Complete Having fully analyzed the strange material recovered thus far, it’s clear this element is unlike anything found on Earth. The unusual atomic structure of this substance responds to direct bombardment from accelerated particles, resulting in an astonishing release of energy. Although the potential applications for this element are nearly unlimited, for now, our efforts are primarily focused on power generation and propulsion schemes. However, as this material does not occur naturally in our own solar system, we must carefully manage our available supply.

  • Beserker Autopsy – Complete Although similar to the previously cataloged Muton species, this particular specimen is… different. Our troops have taken to calling this beast the “Berserker,” based on its uncharacteristically aggressive tactics in the field. Despite sharing the same physiological structure of the other Mutons, for reasons yet unknown to us, the Berserker seems to be consumed by blood lust, charging into combat with little regard for its own safety. Current theories as to the cause of this behavior have led us to begin investigating possible genetic manipulation of the subject’s endocrine glands, or, in the case, the equivalent glands that appear to secrete androgenic hormones. If the aliens enlarged or modified the action of these glands, it could explain the Berserker’s outbursts.

Personal Note

As the research team has grown to better understand the alien tech our rate of research has accelerated correspondingly. This has enabled us to keep up with the demands of the MaX-Com project but only recently have we started to consolidate our research and see what patterns and new applications fall out of this. One immediate use has been the discovery that several of our internal admin processes had been woefully neglected. Due to a simple filing error by the work experience boy the Alien Nav Computer assigned to research was left in a disused storeroom and has only been uncovered this month. New protocols have been implemented to prevent this happening again.

Upcoming Month Goals

Research and build advanced interceptors, take down the fast UFO.