June was a momentous month for the MaX-COM project. We’ve really bounced back from the difficulties experienced in May. In order to cover everything, I’m going to deviate somewhat from the usual format of the monthly reports. There’s a lot to go over, so strap in.

Major Events

Live Alien Capture

We started off the month strong in Operation Blind Law. For the most part, this was a standard MaX-COM operation, responding to alien abduction reports in Pretoria, South Africa. However, during the mission we finally managed to capture a live alien. Not just any alien either, but a Muton, one of the more dangerous hostile species. This capture really kickstarted our research program.

Using the insight gained from the Muton we were able to further research the Outsider crystal shard previously recovered. This enabled us to locate the hidden alien base of operations on Earth, located right under our nose in Europe.

Alien Base Assault

After only a brief pause to sort some logistical issues and manufacture the “key” necessary to gain access to the base, we launched Operation Hot Stranger, the assault on the alien base of operations. This began with a textbook sweep and clear through most of the base, dealing with the enemy forces encountered. In the depths of the base, we encountered a new type of alien, the Sectoid Commander, displaying powerful psionic abilities. Due to a daring joint maneuver by Sam Mason and Michael Wilson, we were actually able to capture the Sectoid Commander alive. These two soldiers received the highest commendation available for this display of valour.

After the alien base assault, things seemed to have calmed down. Global panic levels were at a record low since the start of the project and the aliens seemed to be in retreat. However, we maintained our efforts and interrogated the Sectoid Commander to unlock the secrets of psionics, as well as beginning work on developing the so-called “Hyperwave Relay” to see where the Sectoid Commander was receiving his orders from.

MaX-COM Base Defense

Right before the month was up, there was a dramatic turn of events. MaX-COM came under direct assault by alien forces. Our soldiers sprang into action to defend the base, aided by the base security forces. Almost all our soldiers deployed and fought hard against the alien incursion, display great bravery against overwhelming odds. Aside from some more minor injuries we suffered three casualties. Two members of the base defense squad died, as well as Sam Mason, who was killed by an exploding Cyberdisk. Captain Mason was unfortunately caught without his full Carapace Armour, and was unable to resist the explosion. This loss is made all the worse by his outstanding recent performance during Operation Hot Stranger.

Operations Report

This month the Gene Lab came online. Matt Smith was selected for a suite of genetic modifications to enhance his sharpshooting ability. Enhanced depth perception, bioelectric skin, and increased leg muscle fiber density have contributed to making him significantly more effective in the field. The only minor negative side-effect has been a curious allergy to sleeves he’s developed since the procedure. Further genetic modifications are planned for other soldiers in the near future.

A psionics lab is currently under construction, and the first soldiers will soon be tested for psychic abilities. We predict this will be vital in the ongoing fight against the alien threat.

Our robotics program has been continuing smoothly this month. Robert Goss’s MEC suit has been upgraded, adding a grenade launcher to his arsenal. He remains a popular addition to the squad, although squadmates insist that he stand a distance away from the squad, lest he “accidentally explode, burn or squash” them. In addition, we’ve produced our first Super Heavy Infantry Vehicle, or SHIV. Officially designated GOLIATH-1, the squad has taken to calling it “Shivey McShivface”, much to the disgust of our chief engineer Dr. Shen. Further upgrades to the SHIVs and MEC suits are ongoing in the Foundry.

Our pursuit of Exalt has continued parallel to our main anti-alien mission. We performed a couple of covert operations this month, and have narrowed down the location of the their base to “anywhere in Afro-Eurasia except Japan, and SUPER DEFINITELY not Mexico”.

Finally, Plasma weaponry is just starting to become available to our soldiers. Our Science Director’s perverse bias towards Sniper Rifles continues, so we’ll probably have Plasma Snipers available soon, in addition to the full size Plasma Rifles that came into service right at the end of the month. A more advanced armour system seems necessary to keep up with the increased danger to our soldiers, and I have requested that Dr. Vahlen consider prioritizing research in that direction.

March Report

Mission and Personnel Report

Aside from the sad loss of Sam Mason, our forces were increased slightly this month with the recruitment of Jethro _ II, the son of the recently departed Jethro _. Our soldiers are starting to reach the highest levels of training and promotion, and with the addition of genetic modification and psionics are reaching a new peak of humanity not yet seen on Earth. We’re currently experiencing a lot of injuries, mostly due to the punishment suffered during the MaX-COM base defense, but we should be back up to capacity soon.

March Report

Matt Smith has progressed significantly as a sniper since his gene therapy and proven himself Alex Spencer’s equal. He had a near brush with death at the hands of a Mechtoid during the base defence but should be back on his feet soon. However, he also received the badge of shame this month for accidentally shooting a mind-controlled squadmate during a UFO assault. Michael Wilson has proven himself a popular member of the squad, by packing extra combat-drug-infused smoke grenades and deploying them liberally during missions. He’s also become a beast at using his pistol to finish off aliens on 1 HP, which for some reason came up repeatedly this month. Matt Rogers and Sam Staton are in an arms race to see who can carry the most explosives on missions, and keep requesting that the Tactical Rigging foundry project be completed so they can carry even more grenades. Rob Beasley continues to save lives as the squad’s combat medic, and saved everyone’s asses during the base defense. He’s no slouch with a laser rifle either.

Mission Location Squad
Operation Blind Law Pretoria, South Africa Sam Mason, Sam Staton, Matt Rogers, Robert Goss, Alex Spencer
Operation Blind Chant Covert Extraction, UK Sam Mason, Robert Goss, Matt Smith, Alex Spencer, Sam Staton
Operation Hot Stranger Alien Base Assault, Europe Alex Spencer, Robert Goss, Sam Staton, Michael Wilson, Sam Mason, Shivey McShivface
Operation Rotting Pyre Leeds, UK Matt Rogers, Rob Beasley, Matt Smith, Michael Wilson, Robert Goss, Shivey McShivface
Operation Cryptic Justice Beijing, China Sam Staton, Jethro _, Rob Beasley, Matt Smith, Matt Rogers, Shivey McShivface
Operation Broken Sword Covert Data Recovery, US Matt Rogers, Sam Mason, Michael Wilson, Matt Smith, Sam Staton, Shivey McShivface
Operation Burning Chant Johannesburg, South Africa Sam Mason, Sam Staton, Matt Smith, Rob Beasley, Michael Wilson, Shivey McShivface
Operation Secret Blade UFO Crash Site, Japan Matt Smith, Jethro _, Michael Wilson, Matt Rogers, Sam Staton, Rob Beasley
Operation Ashes and Temples MaX-COM Base Defense All available personnel

In Memoriam

RIP Captain Sam Mason, killed by an the explosion of a dying Cyberdisk while defending MaX-COM HQ.

RIP the two rookies from the base defence force killed while defending MaX-COM HQ. One was gunned down by a Cyberdisk, and one was blasted by a Mechtoid.

(OOC Note - I didn’t write down their names during the mission, and they don’t show up in the in-game memorial, so that’s lost to history.)

Science Divison Report

Chief Scientist

Dr Vahlen

Facilities Staff

32 Scientists

Note: Given the increasing size of the research department and the growing range of projects that we are undertaking it has become necessary to create a condensed initial report rather than go into full details of all research. For a full summary of the individual projects please see the attached files in section A.

Hardware Research

  • Light Plasma Rifle - Complete
  • Plasma Rifle - Complete
  • Plasma Sniper - Ongoing Our focus this month has been largely been on other projects but we have made significant advances in the field of Plasma weaponry and our field agents now have offensive capabilities to match anything we have seen from the aliens.


  • Cyberdisk
  • Sectoid Commander
  • Drone
  • Mechtoid We have now encountered multiple aliens that bridge the gap between mechanical creations and living organisms. Combined with the already noted unusual genetic structures and the new discoveries of an apparent command hierarchy, it seems likely the Aliens invasion forces have been deliberately manufactured in some way.

Live Interrogations

  • Muton We were surprised to discover a great deal of knowledge had been ingrained in this subject’s memory. We realized during the interrogation process that it was only logical for the aliens to provide the Muton with a complete understanding of their weaponry and tactics, as this beast represents their most formidable front-line combatant. Although the Muton was quite resistant to our techniques, despite heavy sedation, we’ve learned a great deal from the captive about the alien weaponry, particularly their advanced plasma-based armaments.
  • Sectoid Commander This specimen has a uniquely defined cellular structure within its brain, augmented by a series of advanced cybernetic implants that must have been ingrained shortly after its “birth.” Due to the unusual abilities exhibited by this captive in the field, we’ve had to be particularly cautious during the interrogation process. Evidence of a telekinetic power unlike anything previously recorded in known science has left some members of the research team unwilling to approach the subject. We were met with limited success in retrieving new information directly from the captive, although we have come to understand how the captive was able to interact with the mysterious device we found within the alien base.

Specialist Research

  • Outsider Shard Analysis of the alien shard previously recovered has revealed that it is indeed organic in nature, although not “alive” per se, somehow it continues to resonate within a specific range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Despite several attempts at disabling the alien known as the “Outsider,” each was met with the same result - the target “dematerializing” within an instant. With no explanation for this phenomenon, the research team was left with little to study in terms of the Outsider itself. However, having now analyzed this shard, it seems that may not be the case. In an effort to reduce any interference from known terrestrial signals, we placed the shard within the “harmonic dampening chamber”. With outside noise brought to a minimum, it took little effort to detect a very distinct signal… the source our shard’s “hum.”

Personal Notes

This has been an exceptional month for the whole of the MaX-Com project. Our field agents have been able to retrieve a live specimen, which helped our research team gain the knowledge to property assess the Outsider Shard, which in turn led us to the Alien Base and the live capture of the “Sectoid Commander”. Any previous concerns over the ethical issues surrounding live interrogations seem to have been ended when our base was attached. Being confronted with the reality of the alien threat in person has helped the team realise how vital our contribution is to this project. Even the work experience boy has seemed far more focused and determined throughout this month.

Upcoming Month Goals

Complete the Hyperwave Beacon and Psi Lab. Train our first psychic soldiers.