MaX-COM continue to defend the Earth from the hostile extraterrestrial forces besieging our solar system. April has been another strong month, with a solid performance across the board. Our satellite coverage continues to expand, and we are responding to as many incidents as possible. We’ve also been supporting the conventional military forces of governments around the globe by sending out shipments of tech and alien materials, a valuable supplemental source of funding for the MaX-COM project.

March Report

Additionally April saw us researching several key technologies to combat the alien menace. Carapace armour is most popular amongst the troops as it increases their survivability in the field substantially. We’ve hit some logistical difficulties there, but enough suits to outfit a whole squad should be available soon. We’re also close to acquiring laser weaponry as an upgrade to our conventional firearms.

Of course the biggest news this month is the construction of the Earth’s first Cybernetics facility, made possible by our analysis of the mysterious Meld substance recovered from the aliens. Robert Goss was randomly selected to volunteer to become our first MEC trooper, by undergoing a minor surgical procedure involving the amputation of all his limbs. Standing at 9 foot tall, weighing over 2 tons, and equipped with a sizable flamethrower, Corporal Goss now strikes fear into the hearts of any alien who sees him on the battlefield. More MEC troopers aren’t on the cards in the short term, but may be selected in future. Additionally, the possibility of opening a Gene Splicing lab is still available as an alternative avenue for “enhancing” our soldiers.

Mission and Personnel Report

This month, we’ve almost completely filled out our roster of soldiers, with a good spread across specialist disciplines. We’ve also seen a wave of promotions, unlocking new abilities for most of our troops. We had relatively few injuries this month, although a number of minor wounds were inflicted by the newly encountered “seeker” aliens who have the ability to camouflage themselves and pop out of nowhere.

March Report

Alex Spencer remains the standout here, with several promotions to match his large stack of alien scalps. “If I am gonna shoot dudes from far away I am gonna be good at it” is his motto, and it’s been paying off. Jethro _ proved his mettle against the terrifying Chrysalids and Zombies during Operation Rotting Apollo, an alien terror attack, holding them off without breaking a sweat. Sam Staton has been awarded the badge of shame for missing a key rocket shot during Operation Hot Stallion.

Mission Location Squad
Operation Purple Line UFO Crash Site, Germany Ken Poyner, Michael Wilson, Robert Goss, Jethro _
Operation Hidden Skull Guangzhou, China Alex Spencer, Rob Beasley, Sam Staton
Operation Rotting Apollo Chihuahua, Mexico Caspar van der Sman, Ken Poyner, Jethro _, Chris Chamberlain, Sam Mason
Operation Hot Stallion UFO Landing Site, Canada Alex Spencer, Robert Goss, Sam Staton, Michael Wilson, Matt Smith
Operation Shattered Serpent Dallas, United States Alex Spencer, Robert Goss, Rob Beasley, Sam Staton, Sam Mason

Science Divison Report

Chief Scientist

Dr Vahlen

Facilities Staff

18 Scientists

Monthly Projects

Weapon Fragments – Complete

The alien weapon fragments provide a limited glimpse into the system utilized in their equipment. The efforts of the research team in studying the damaged circuitry and electronics we recovered have yielded a successful outcome. The new integrated sighting module created for our weaponry was heavily influenced by the aliens’ own targeting system.

Meld Recombination – Complete

Our field operatives have recovered canisters of a strange substance. After further analysis this material’s most salient feature is its versatility. In early testing, we were able to devise several methods that allow for direct manipulation of the Meld substance and its physiochemical properties. The advances we’ve made should allow for a wide range of applications in the fields of genetic modification and cybernetic enhancement.

Alien Materials – Complete

The aliens appear to be using materials that are lighter and stronger than anything we’ve ever seen. We have managed to crudely adapt some of the observed techniques into our own research. Our first development, a multi-walled carbon nanotube weave, was modeled after an unusual pattern mirrored in several of the alien materials. This new configuration has proven to possess a greater tensile strength than any material previously recorded in known science.

Carapace Armour – Complete

Following our initial research into alien materials we have succeeded in creating an advanced suit of body armour based on the alien alloys. These are the same materials used extensively by the aliens in the hull plating and internal structure of their craft. However, the downside to this exotic material is that we have no way of replicating it on Earth. With a limited pool of resources available for future projects, we’ll need to manage our use of these alloys carefully.

Beam Weapons – Complete

By studying the methods used by the aliens to manage energy consumption and heat dissipation in their weapons, we’ve advanced our existing laser-based weaponry designs well beyond what we had previously envisioned. Remarkably, we now have a working prototype, a development that had at one time been considered impossible. Although we’ve had to reduce the size of the focusing lenses in the process, we’ve found very little decrease in the overall output accuracy of the weapon during initial testing.

Experimental Warfare – Ongoing

Although our understanding of the alien technology is still limited, what we’ve seen so far is enough to revolutionize combat as we know it. If we are to level the playing field, we must adapt the alien technology for our own use.

Personal Notes

This month has seen the science team more than double in size, as well as significant discoveries to aid both the offensive and defensive capabilities of MaX-COM’s field agents. The team have all performed above and beyond expectations and should be commended for it. My only request if for more accommodation space as we are currently having to share sleeping space on a shift rota and the poor work experience boy was found napping in an equipment cupboard.

Upcoming Month Goals

Finalize last recruitment issues. Use Arc Thrower to capture an alien. Continue general MaX-COM operations and research.