Humanity has made first contact with extraterrestrial life, and it’s hostile, which has lead to the activation of the MaX-COM project.Hidden in the outskirts of Birmingham, UK, under an unassuming energy recovery facility, the MaX-COM project’s team of international special forces is charged with defending the Earth from the alien menace.

It’s been a strong first month, with the aliens held at bay across multiple fronts. Base upgrades are progressing smoothly, with a thermal generator installed and a second satellite uplink on the way. An interceptor has been redeployed to North America to support our satellite coverage of Canada.

March Report

Mission Report

This month started out with a brutal series of missions all in a row. Since none of our soldiers have fought aliens before, they all started off as humble unspecialised rookies, and personnel assignments for this month mainly focussed on getting everyone enough field experience to promote and pick a specialty. So, the early missions have left us with a decent stable of specialists.

March Report

We still have some applicants pending due to logistical issues which should be resolved shortly in the next month or two.

One Alex Spencer has distinguished himself as a sniper, first to earn the rank of Corporal in MaX-COM as well as earning the Urban Combat Medal. Ken Poyner is hot on his heels as a sniper though. Both Alex and Ken hit their first sniper shots, a good omen for future accuracy. Rob Beasley has distringuished himself as a medic, saving a critically wounded teammate and patching up others.

The most tense and action packed mission was the first UFO assault, Operation Falling Jester in Germany. Ken Poyner and Rob Beasley led a team of rookies to clear out the hostile presence and secure valuable alien technology. They found themselves in a tight spot midway through the mission, with multiple injuries and surrounded by sectoids. But some well placed grenades and flanking managed to bring the mission to close with no fatalities.

Mission Location Squad
Operation Bleeding Star Berlin, Germany Alex Spencer, Michael Wilson, Chris Chamberlain
Operation Flying Father Osaka, Japan Alex Spencer, Robert Goss, Rob Beasley, Caspar van der Sman
Operation Rotting Sword Houston, United States Alex Spencer, Michael Wilson, Ken Poyner
Operation Falling Jester UFO Crash Site, Germany Ken Poyner, Rob Beasley, Sam Staton
Operation Black Smoke Melbourne, Australia Caspar van der Sman, Chris Chamberlain, Alex Spencer

In Memoriam

RIP Rookie Megan Rose. Brutally oneshot by a Thin Man’s plasma rifle during Operation Rotting Sword. You will be missed, but not that much because you were still an uncustomised rookie.

Science Divison Report

(OOC Note: Alex has been appointed science director of the MaX-COM project, and makes all research decisions. He writes the science reports.)

Chief Scientist:

Dr Vahlen

Facility Staff:

Dr Zurick, Dr Baskerville, Dr Mee, Dr Moore, Dr O’Neil, Dr Birkett, Mr Hunt (work experience)

Monthly Projects:

Xeno-Biology - Complete:

As is only logical we spent our initial efforts on gaining a thorough understanding of the alien physiology. This should allow us to better combat them. We’ve managed to successfully map the alien specimen’s entire genome, although it was difficult given our existing DNA sequencing techniques. This has led to the startling realization that this creature’s genetic structure is quite similar to our own. Furthermore, there is also a trend - key components of the alien’s genetic structure are mirrored perfectly across each of the specimens. Further research into alien specimens is our top priority.

Arc Thrower - Complete:

With our new understanding of the basics of the alien biological makeup, we have created a design for a device that can incapacitate an alien subject without killing it. Capture and interrogation of an alien specimen would allow for more in depth research.

Sectoid Autopsy – Complete:

Based on the unusual structure of its internal organs, which we believe this species to be the product of genetic manipulation. They are perfect genetic copies, each and every one of them. The subject’s brain is quite sizable with respect to its body, and appears to have been augmented even further with cybernetic implants of some kind. Considering the… fragile nature of this creatures physical form, it is safe to assume that these implants were intended to somehow improve the combat effectiveness of the species.

Weapon Fragments – In Progress:

We are currently researching the remains of powerful alien weaponry that we our field units have encountered so far.

Personal Notes:

The X-Com facilities are remarkable given the situation but, given we are dealing with entirely new life forms and technologies, the shear volume of research and development that will be required is remarkable. Expanded facilities and further research staff [see attached recommendation list] would allow the team to progress much faster.


That’s it for March, stay tuned for more MaX-COM adventures as we try to save the Earth and not have too many rookies die.

MaX-COM is still recruiting! We’re looking for heavies and assaults in particular. Contact your nearest recruiter today!